Handling Failure

When attaining success, we rejoice in the fact we did something right. However, all people must, at times, accept failure.

So it is with writers. All must face failure sometimes, especially in the beginning. Once in a rare while, one lucky writer will hear a publisher say, "We want to publish your book." Anyone who writes can appreciate this simple statement. Every writer's dream is to hear those six simple words. The only way to meet this dream is to work day after day on your manuscript, editing, changing, throwing sections out, putting new sections in the original's place, then deciding you liked the original way better -- I write from personal experience.

Develop a tough skin. Writing is tough to get right on your first attempt--I have yet to see a work that has not changed from its first draft. There's always an adjustment to make here, and a change to make there. Once in awhile, you really mess up--you realize that your entire premise is flawed. At these times, remember that writing is a learning experience, and, as with all learning, these problems force us to learn. The toughest problems are also the greatest opportunities--these situations offer you a chance to improve your writing more than ever before.

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