Music of Life

On those times where you need additional inspiration, sometimes the best thing to do is look at other successful artists. Often, musicians and poetry offer a way to explore an emotion in a very short timeframe.

Regina Spektor is one artist that has a unique sound that often inspires me. For example, her music video for 'Fidelity' uses color as an exploration of love and loyalty. Watch the video below...we'll wait.

Note the use of color to represent how the singer feels about her life. At first, the world is black and white, with just a little color inside (her face is the only color in the beginning of the video). Slowly, she starts to allow more and more in (as shown by the faceless figure, still in black and white). The lyrics of the song also hint at this ("I've never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground"). This woman is someone who has never let herself fall head over heels in love, or, if she has, is now very guarded about her feelings.

Slowly, she opens her heart to the possibility of falling in love ("Suppose I'd ever, ever met you") as the faceless figure joins her in the video. Scenes change as the faceless figure joins her on various dates, spending time with her. In the scene where the faceless figure and she talk over the telephone, the singer reveals her desire for a connection with both hands gripping the phone.

The true magic comes when she "breaks her heart". This is not negative, soul crushing heartbreak...the break is that she's allowing someone in. Color spills out of her broken heart as she sees the world for the first time through eyes opened by love. Freed from her self-induced chains, she and her love proceed to paint the world together. Sharing memories makes them more colorful.

The true message of this song and video? In this writer's opinion, the message is that by allowing yourself to surrender to the power of being in love, you allow yourself to truly experience the world in all its glory. Love allows you to paint the world in your own colors, and choose your own destiny. Love is the key to experiencing true joy.

Allow your writing to take on its full color by letting your passion flow through your hands and into your pen or keyboard. It's only when you surrender to your passion that you can truly let it shine through.

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