Writer's Block and Ways Around It

writer's block (noun)
[ rahy - ters - blok ]
A usually temporary condition in which a writer finds it impossible to proceed with the writing of a novel, play, or other work.

Origin: 1945-50

Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/writer's%20block

Writer's Block plagues ALL writers at some point in their career. It can be because of the writer's lack of ideas at the present time, the lack of words to describe the ideas, or a mere inability to write at the present time.

There are many ways to cure Writer's Block temporarily, though not permanently, for it is an incurable "sickness".

Some ways to cure Writer's Block:

Listen to music

Sometimes the sound of the music can give you an idea for a scene, or how to continue. Other than the music, the lyrics also help. Most any genre can work, but it is best to pick a genre or musical group that have lyrics that can be morphed into almost any meaning. I, personally, have found it helpful to listen to Linkin Park, because of their songs 'In The End', 'Crawling', and 'One Step Closer'. I have morphed the meanings of the songs in many ways to give me ideas.

Read other author's work

By reading what other people have done, you can find mistakes you have made, and correct them to continue with your story. Reading books of a similar genre to yours can help a lot. It's like a kink in a hose. The water can't go through until that kink is removed. By seeing what other people have done to prevent kinks, you can fix yours and the flow of the water, or in this case, story, can continue.

Read, reread, and re-reread your work

If you saw where you were going earlier in the story, you can see where you wanted to go next. The task of having to read your work over and over again, may seem like a homework assignment at times, but it will help you get back on track. Sometimes, what you were thinking while you were writing didn't come out correctly, so this is a good chance to edit as well.

Wait it out

Though it's not always the best way, sometimes it's the only way. Eventually, the next scene in your story will smack you in the face, while you are watching movies or lounging around the house. Then, you can lock yourself back in your room with pen and paper, typewriter, computer, or some other way of writing.

There are many other ways to undo Writer's Block, but it's up to you to find the way that works best for you.

-- Copyright 2009, William Marmont

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