At WritAnon, we focus on delivering high quality feedback that improves your manuscript, thesis, essay, or any other work. In other words, we strive to help your manuscript be the best it can.

We recognize that your manuscript is important to you, and we strive to handle every submission as if it were our own. Our editors focus on providing constructive feedback in a positive way.

However, don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have to say:

Manuscript Editing

Getting feedback that is valuable and actionable is a critical step in the novel writing process. Most writers, myself included, are simply too close to their work to see what really needs fixing.

And I think most writers, again myself included, take the "easy" path first. We send the manuscript to trusted friends, ask them to read it, and wait.

Let me tell you something about feedback: You get what you pay for.

My friends would come back with terse emails, months later. "Good stuff, keep it up!" "Loved it. You rock, dude!"

Next I tried read-and-critique groups. AKA the Den of Vipers. A bunch of would-be experts (myself among them), happily dispensing writing advice based on a few pages read aloud by sweaty, nervous hacks (myself chief among them). After these sessions I would often question why I bothered to write in the first place.

You get what you pay for.

And so I came to the conclusion that perhaps I should pay for some feedback. As luck would have it, I found WritAnon.com. Mike has been instrumental in helping me polish my novel. His feedback covers all aspects: major plot holes, minor inconsistencies, character and dialog problems, setting. This is all, in my opinion, above and beyond mere editing. Which he also does. Grammar, spelling, etc. The whole gamut. He's even pointed out some of my science is a bit off, and forwarded me articles that will help me correct it. Mike has no agenda other than to improve your manuscript, thus making you a happy customer who will return.

I feel a mixture of excitement and dread when his e-mails arrive in my inbox. Mike is honest -- if something doesn't work, he'll tell you (thus the dread). But he's not mean about it. He's honest yet encouraging, which is really what you want. Feedback you can actually use. Feedback that makes you want to fire up the laptop and get crackin'.

Worth every penny. And his prices are more than reasonable. Heck, you can get 2000 words looked at for free. No excuses, try him out!

-- Jason Hough, author of "The Darwin Elevator"

Take Jason's advice, and try WritAnon's editing services!

Manuscript Editing

What a wonderful experience to have WritAnon editors working on my behalf!

In every facet, they made the experience educational, interesting, and painless to have my work red-marked and reworkable into a much smoother flowing story.

WritAnon offered a brief synopsis of each chapter before the in-depth review. I found this especially helpful as it is one area I have difficulty in when asked by a publisher to give a chapter by chapter outline. Following their lead, I can now write the synopsis in a interesting manner.

When a passage jarred the reader's attention, excellent suggestions were made to strengthen the story. Sometimes optional ways of stating a paragraph more clearly were made, but never when changing a word or two would suffice.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I could not have the full manuscript edited at one time. WritAnon worked with me on a schedule that benefitted both of us. Encouragement to expand a chapter when needed or subtract extraneous information was given in a professional, but friendly manner that made me comfortable working with my primary editor and those who assisted. Never did I feel as though my work was not worth the time and effort put into it by author or editor.

One of the most pleasing aspects was their urgency to meet all deadlines set to get chapters back for reworking. Prompt, professional and courteous best describe WritAnon.

I am already making plans to have WritAnon editors work on my next book. I cannot think of anyone else I would trust with my work.

-- Maggie DiGiovanni

Want to copy Maggie's experience? Try WritAnon's editing services!


Try WritAnon's editing services

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